Doing the Work anti-racism programme

Stop Racism

Co-sponsored by Aequip, Newington Green Alliance, and New Unity

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Doing the Work is an opportunity for white and privileged people within the community to come together to discuss anti-racism, how they can address their own biases, and how to take action within their lives and their personal interactions to dismantle racist biases.

This is a judgement-free, safe space to challenge each other with respect and productive intentions, to bring forward ideas and accept that they might be challenged. More than 150 individuals have participated in previous sessions.

The goal of these sessions should be firstly to build personal goals and make plans to take proactive steps towards racial justice within our individual lives and community, with the secondary goal to have a bigger impact on wider communities with the templates we create.

All of our learning and the resources we use will be based off of the work of experts – mainly BIPOC people – who have already done so much of the work for us to help bring us out of centuries-old racist structures that we are a part of just by existing within them. We will take the time to appreciate how much work has already been done for us, and vow to try and remove the burden from these BIPOC communities moving forward.

Weekly sessions for 8 weeks

Weekly sessions for one hour each.

Each month there will be a wider theme, with three meetings within that month reflecting different elements within that theme, and the fourth meeting a general overview.

Individuals bring questions, concerns, and past experience to the table to share and to create a collective and more personal feel. Where people are given the opportunity to discuss openly and be guided by the many resources on offer. 

brittani burns 98uYQ KupiE unsplash
Photo courtesy of Brittani Burns


-Media (Film/Television/Music/Social media/pop culture industries and it’s impact on continuing or breaking racist cycles)


-Criminal Justice System (Police/Incarceration)

-Politics and Policy (specifically in the UK and how it’s affected communities from the top down, and a relevant discussion of US policy which informs so much of the world)

Co-sponsored by Aequip, Newington Green Alliance, and New Unity

Contact us to learn about the next series.

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