Hi NGA volunteers!

If you are here, you will have heard about the project that we are working on to ensure that people feel included at work at our start-up, Aequip. We are launching an internal communication platform using anonymity to encourage expression, increasing the inclusion of demographic groups who are not culturally dominant in a workplace.

We are hoping the NGA volunteers could help in co-creation for the next few weeks. It would involve taking a 5 minute Inclusion Index survey, then downloading the app, and using it, about 1 to 2 minutes every day or every other day. You can give feedback about the platform right on the app.

Here is the 5 minute Inclusion Index survey.

When you finish the survey, you can come back to this page to download the app.

To set up a password for your account please launch the app and tap on “Reset Password” on the login screen and follow the instructions using the email address that you receive NGA communications on. Check your email for the reset link.

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Thanks for all of your help!

Questions or comments?

DM Miriam on Slack.

For technical issues contact


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