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Your company is going through big changes. You want to get a baseline in a short period of time to start gaining insights on how the team is managing change.

Aequip Dashboard

Aequip Unplugged is a lightweight version of the platform requiring low-to-no integration. It generates the same insights as the plugged-in version of Aequip through a series of short, expert-crafted diagnostics. 

Our results guide you in selecting the right issues to focus on, and come with tailored suggestions for interventions and further measurement priorities.

Aequip Unplugged keeps all interactions with your people short and engaging, while also focusing on the specific aspect of inclusion that matters most in your specific situation. 

Step by step

Whether data is obtained from self-report or digital exhaust, Aequip’s analytics engine provides targeted insights, screening for the root cause of interpersonal blockers, and recommending a course of action that maximises each intervention’s impact. 

Week by week

Aequip not only allows you to identify barriers to inclusion, but also objectively quantifies productive workplace relationships within your organisational community. That means you can use the platform to understand what’s working for your people, what isn’t, and how this impacts your business.

In short, Aequip provides the metrics that matter, enabling you to maximise and quantify positive outcomes for your organisation through targeted insights.

Aequip Inclusion Index