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Aequip creates first behavioural analytics DEI platform following funding by Innovate UK

Aequip this week announced a key initiative in tackling a problem estimated to cost UK companies £340 billion a year. Supported by funding from Innovate UK, Aequip will develop the world’s first digital tool to measure and actively promote inclusive behaviours within organisations.

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Reflection on working with Aequip

By Ananya Saha As I sit writing this during my last few days at Aequip, I’m still wondering how quickly these past three months have gone by- time really does fly when you enjoy the work that you’re doing! Back in November last year, I was sending out internship applications. Despite already having a part-time […]

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities

Aequip rejects the false narrative of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report

By Miriam Lahage Aequip has been profoundly disappointed and saddened this week by the denial of structural and institutional racism in the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report.  The lived experience of Black British people and other British People of Colour belies the report’s finding that the UK should be viewed as a model […]


A Day in the Life of a Team Member at Aequip

By Ananya Saha Ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of an exciting and up-and-coming startup? I’ve had the opportunity (and the privilege) to have a first-hand experience of working as one of the first members of the high-performing team here at Aequip.  As an Occupational Psychology Intern, my tasks and responsibilities […]

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Can one build a business with psychological safety included by design?

We had a new joiner this week. Rupert Gill, Head of Behavioural Insights at HMRC, has joined on a ¾ time basis to work with us to develop the Behavioural Analytics Engine. It is a testament to the HMRC organisation that they see the value in supporting Rupert getting stuck in on a project that is applying behavioural science principles in a fast-paced environment like Aequip. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from him throughout the project.

Aequip Team

Building a high performing team from the ground up

Miriam Lahage, Co-founder of Aequip How do you create a high performing team from a collection of individuals? How do you build a values system when everyone is joining on the same day? Most importantly, how do you build a lasting company culture when you operate with the intensity that building a business from the […]

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Laura Storm on regenerative leadership and a sustainable world

Photo by Elegance Thika on Unsplash ‘I had a minor traumatic brain injury in the summer of 2015. And that just kind of started a long and slow process towards something completely different and long story short, is that for two years I couldn’t do anything, and I couldn’t do anything but be more or less. Especially not […]

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Shush, listen…

Right now, it feels noisy, there is so much for the comms profession to work through to help their leaders communicate through this latest round of lockdown in the UK. They are balancing the message of calm reassurance, creating the energy to help organisations adapt quickly, again, and take a thorough approach to interpret the latest restrictions and what the impact will be for business and colleagues. The most adaptable businesses will find a way through. It is a challenge for the most experienced and adept leadership and comms teams.

Rina Goldenberg Lynch L

Rina Goldenberg Lynch on how listening drives inclusion

“Let’s also introduce a little bit of friction into teams. Let’s allow people to have different opinions and a few disagreements Because ultimately, the result will be a better decision or a better outcome. But how do we do that? How do we continue to motivate and lead people who are individuals, people who have different values? To me the answer is sticking to the purpose, and the mission of the organization, and the values of the organization and making sure that every time you talk about a direction of the company or a direction of the team, that we weave in those values. This is the reason we are doing it, this is the reason you joined and yes your contribution is different, but it is serving the bigger mission, the bigger direction of travel, of our team, our organization.”

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Aequip CEO and Founder Michael Vela exploring the future of work

‘if you successfully close the gap between employees and leaders by nurturing that psychological safety, you can increase things like productivity, the quality of work that’s done, and even the rate of innovation within a business.’

Aequip CEO Michael Vela

Aequip CEO Michael Hayato Vela on inclusion, trust, and psychological safety

This is a transcript of a podcast from The Inclusive Growth Show by Toby Mildon. Welcome to the Inclusive Growth Show with Toby Mildon, future-proofing your business by creating a diverse workplace. Toby Mildon: Hello and welcome to this episode of the Inclusive Growth Show. Today I’m joined by Michael Vela, and Michael is the […]

Luke O'Mahoney

Luke O’Mahoney building employee experience and culture that allows people to be the best version of themselves

“I started really opening my eyes, this human affairs approach that I’d been really longing for, I suppose, because in my previous roles and being very much encouraged to focus on numbers and outputs that were that were more tangible and less related to human experience, I suppose. And my longing has been to get into an environment where I could help the impact and drive change within people.”

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A truly hue-man conversation with Vivian Acquah, Hung Lee, and Olga Piehler

“it’s continuing to be intentional about understanding better in learning more about others and and what their point of view is and their experiences. And we were talking earlier about how the George Floyd murder occurred. And there was a big reaction for many of us. And then the conversation says start to slow down. And I want to be intentional about it takes time to absorb some of what has happened throughout. So, so long as we start to unveil one thing and learn about systemic racism. There’s so much to do today that it just you just I just, I personally want to keep having the conversation so that I can be I can keep learning from it. And not just Oh, check. I had the talk. I did. I read the book at the time because or I had to I read the blog or that it just takes time for me.”

Vivian Acquah

Vivian Acquah on creating Amplify DEI, an ambitious D&I project whose time has come

Vivian Acquah is all about the holistic way of sustainable employability, called workplace wellness. For her, this is the way to work on a healthy culture at work. She made a promise to her son to help make the world a sustainable place by advocating for a healthy workplace where people can thrive. She has created Amplify DEI, bringing 70 speakers from across the world together to explore DEI.

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People champion Julie Turney on leading from the heart in Barbados HR world

People Champion Julie Turney: “I want to be the opposite of those people that I’ve encountered who have caused me pain at some point in my life.
What I have to offer people is bigger than restricting myself to one company, and working for that company for the rest pf my life, and knowing that every single person that I touch, no matter where I am, no matter who they are, that I have something valuable to offer that is going to change someone’s life.”

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A truly hue-man conversation with Eric J. Henderson, Elizabeth Lembke, and Cordelia Gaffar

Truly Hue-man Conversations are a series meant to amplify the voices of individuals not from the dominant culture. In this conversation Cordelia Gaffar, Eric J. Henderson, and Elizabeth Lembke discuss fear, bliss, love, and drawing on the wisdom in the works of Dr. Seuss.

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Empowered leadership, and how I as the boss tried to show up authentically

In my last couple of roles, I was lucky to spend quality time with the team before I officially joined. In my last role, for three months, I spent one day a week in their offices getting to know them and more importantly, letting them get to know me.

Why was this so important? A new boss in an organization is a scary thing. Allowing people to really get to know me is the only road to building trust. While this might sound self-centered, it is actually not. In Frei’s words, ring one is ‘It’s not about you.’

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Frances X. Frei on trust, empowered leadership, and authenticity

‘for your company and beyond, is culture and here, the thing about culture, not only everywhere where strategy is silent, culture tells us what to do. But think about all the people that interact with the stress with the culture of our organisation. Everyone in the company, every customer, every stakeholder, every investor, we reach so many more people with culture than we do with everyone else. And that’s the last dream of empowerment leadership.’

horses and leadership

Beth Killough on horses and what we can learn about leadership from animals

A life-long cowgirl, writer, professor, and a licensed psychotherapist, Beth Killough is the owner of The Circle Up Experience, a consulting firm which provides leadership training and culture development to corporations, universities, teacher groups, first responders, and non-profit organizations. Circle up has trained thousands of leaders all over the country and has designed long-term culture programs to transform workplace relationships.

Hung Lee Recruiting Brainfood and Workshape

Hung Lee on recruiting in the modern age, the brain, and living in an agile world

After four years of studying various tribes in Papua New Guinea and South America and so on, I became kind of really less interested in the Exotica and more interested in the anthropology that was happening in big cities, urban anthropology, because it became clear to me that actually a lot of the things that we go out, to study out there are actually processes that occur in here in the world we’re in and anthropology is really fantastic for me to just take that skill set and apply it to the modern world, the city world that that I’m part of…maybe there’s a dotted line somewhere from there to the world of recruiting because, you know, it is about finding the right organisation, the right fit, why do certain businesses or groups of people within those businesses behave in this way? And that’s an enduring fascination for me