Michael Hayato Vela – Serial entrepreneur, UN values-driven, Stanford entrepreneurship operator

“Everyone is born the same, but we don’t get to start in the same place. Aequip wants to change that, starting in the workplace.”

Miriam Lahage – Serial entrepreneur from TJX and eBay to NET-A-PORTER

Miriam joined Aequip after advising the startup. “I wanted to have a big positive impact on how people experienced work, not just in whatever company I led, but in a way that would have a ripple effect.”

Patryk Kubiak – Serial start-up CTO –  combining technical experience with strong business acumen

“Working for different VC backed startups in London and professionally growing from software developer through team leader and CTO positions I have always been interested in behavioural aspects of leadership and team management. What’s different at Aequip, and what attracted me to the company, is a clearly defined North Star – something that is often missed in other startups. You can truly feel the importance of the work we are doing and how we can impact others.”

Team Aequip
Team Aequip, January, 2021, Left to Right: Dr. Lukas Litzellachner, Patryk Kubiak, Saadat Jesper-Mir, Ananya Saha, Sarah Thopmson, Miriam Lahage, Garry Turner, Michael Hayato Vela, Liz van Zyl, and Dan Bennett

Saadat Jesper-Mir – Data, analytics, and insight expert

“I saw an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to work at a company that is doing something good in the world.”

Sarah Thompson – Product Owner: Passionate about all things product! 

“While I’m obsessed with product and tech, I’m a firm believer that people are the heart of an organisation and success happens when the people within that organisation can be their most authentic self. I wanted to be part of delivering an amazing product that allows people to truly be themselves at work and join Aequip in creating more inclusive and psychologically safe work environments.”

Dr. Lukas Litzellachner – Behavioural scientist specialising in interpersonal relationships whose previous research has been utilised at other startups

“I felt that, by working with Aequip, I can use my skills for an excellent cause – to make the world a more inclusive place.”

Ananya Saha – Psychology undergraduate student at the University of Bath

Ananya joined Aequip as a Occupational Psychology Intern, hoping to gain valuable work experience during her placement year. “As an up-and-coming start-up, Aequip offers exciting opportunities for aspirational psychologists like me to observe how psychological and behavioural science principles can be meaningfully applied to real-life organisational contexts.”

Dan Bennett – Veteran serial startup engineer

“Having a fascination with Behavioural Economics and a passion for developing smart lean Engineering solutions, then being offered the opportunity to be at the forefront of a data driven revolution to make workplaces better for everyone? Sign me up!”

Liz van Zyl – B2B Tech Marketing Consultant 

“It’s not a new problem, but businesses still struggle to understand why diversity programmes fail and what to do about it. With Aequip, businesses don’t have to do anything – other than harness the tech to drive the process and cultural transformation. It’s a no-brainer.” 

Garry Turner – International Product Manager and culture lead for IMCD Group, a global chemicals distributor

“Leaders and employees, within the chemicals industry and beyond, are rapidly waking up to the realisation that business, life and the impact on the planet are deeply interconnected. Striving to lead businesses holistically and inclusively is a strategic imperative and critical to talent attraction and retention. I am excited that Aequip is not only solving the very real problem of translating this data into actionable insight, but is also offering a tool to improve the workplace in a data-driven iterative approach. Aequip is coming to market at just the right time.”

Aequip Advisors

Team Aequip
Michael and Miriam with the Aequip advisory team March 2020, one week before lockdown. Left to Right: Owain Service, Angelise Karanja, Tina Baker, Michael Hayato Vela, Miriam Lahage, Susi Poli. Raafi Alidina, Marianne Moberg

The Leadership Team

Michael Hayato Vela​

Michael Hayato Vela​

CEO & Co-founder

Second-time founder, Stanford, UCL School of Management.

Miriam Lahage​

Miriam Lahage​

COO & Co-founder

30 years of leadership experience at TJX, eBay and Net-a-Porter. CEO network in US/UK.

Patryk Kubiak​

Patryk Kubiak​

CTO & Co-founder

Serial start-up CTO, including Beem, ​Mobile apps, Full-Stack Dev, SaaS.

Aequip Steering Committee

Tina Baker​ (Strategic Advisor)

Thirty year entrepreneur, legal and business advisor in the startup ecosystem.

Owain Service​ (Strategic Advisor)

CEO at The Cognition Company. Co-founder, ex-MD of the Behavioural Insights Team (‘Nudge Unit’). Former Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. Honorary Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School.

Our Partners

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