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Team Aequip

The Problem

Aequip is a mobile D&I analytics platform that actively promotes employee feedback and organisational listening using behavioural science

Disconnects between what company leaders know and what employees experience can undermine organisations’ agility and productivity.

Adapting quickly to a rapidly changing work environment requires trust between an employee and their employer. Without it, critical issues can go unannounced and valuable ideas can be overlooked because employees may not feel safe enough to speak up. 

Aequip supercharges your company’s internal communications with behavioural science, so that you can get more value out of every interaction with everyone in your business. Our anonymous platform actively helps leaders and employees alike to speak up with ideas, questions, and concerns, while delivering in-app behavioural nudges that encourage inclusive, transparent, and consistent communication from all parties. Aequip’s tailored inclusion and speak-up analytics allow you to track how your organisation is progressing in real time without any additional effort, or use of long, tedious surveys.

The Mission

To create ​workplaces for the future with inclusive tools that give every employee a voice.

Our Approach

Aequip offers a mobile-first, double-feedback and listening loop that reduces friction and improves performance.

The product applies behavioural science design principles with safety (physical and psychological), trust and inclusion in mind to empower managers to:

Communicate effectively with teams 

Hear employee feedback productively

Track staff inclusion in real time

Aequip's Double Feedback Loop

The Leadership Team

Michael Hayato Vela​

Michael Hayato Vela​

CEO & Co-founder

Second-time founder, Stanford, UCL School of Management.

Miriam Lahage​

Miriam Lahage​

COO & Co-founder

30 years of leadership experience at TJX, eBay and Net-a-Porter. CEO network in US/UK.

Patryk Kubiak​

Patryk Kubiak​

CTO & Co-founder

Serial start-up CTO, including Beem, ​Mobile apps, Full-Stack Dev, SaaS.

Aequip’s Advisory Board

Tina Baker​ (Strategic Advisor)

30 year entrepreneur, legal and business advisor in the startup world.

Owain Service​ (Strategic Advisor)

Co-founder, ex-MD of the Behavioural Insights Team (‘Nudge Unit’).

Garry Turner​ (Strategic Advisor)

20 years int. sales, chartered MCIPD, 5 years cultural and people dev.

Our Partners

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