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Team Aequip
Team Aequip, January, 2021, Left to Right: Dr. Lukas Litzellachner, Patryk Kubiak, Saadat Jesper-Mir, Ananya Saha, Sarah Thopmson, Miriam Lahage, Garry Turner, Michael Hayato Vela, Liz van Zyl, and Dan Bennett

The Problem

Companies are increasingly aware of the impact of workplace change on their employees’ work-life and their productivity. It is estimated that poor physical and mental health alone could cost the UK economy as much as £92BN/year. 

Companies have no good tools to understand what’s working
and what isn’t as they introduce new workplace changes.

The vast majority of firms currently have no way of measuring the factors most associated with these productivity losses, which include:

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Mental health issues
  • Social connectivity / belongingness

Even if they are collecting some data, firms often measure the wrong things, by only asking people how they are feeling, and failing to measure what they are doing. 

And even if their data collection is sound, firms rarely understand how to use the data to make the changes that will translate into productivity improvements.  

The Mission

To create ​workplaces for the future with inclusive tools that capture the metrics that matter.

Our Approach

Aequip is a behavioural analytics platform, with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, dedicated to making the workplace more inclusive for everyone. We do this by zooming in on the relationships between the people sharing a place of work. Especially at a time of great change.

We enable organisations to capture and understand interpersonal psychometrics related to inclusion, such as belongingness, psychological safety, organisational trust, and diversity climate – all of which have volumes of research backing their importance for pivotal outcomes like employee engagement, performance, skill development, employee retention, and mental health. 

Aequip derives insight about these important metrics from employee self-report and/or digital exhaust (i.e. traces of data left by the way your employees interact with digital tools within your organisation). 

The richness of this data enables us to make targeted recommendations on actionable next steps that can be taken by decision makers to improve the state of inclusiveness in the organisation. Our metrics matter for improving your businesses performance, which is why they also serve to evaluate the success of your inclusion efforts.

Team Aequip
Michael and Miriam with the Aequip advisory team March 2020, one week before lockdown. Left to Right: Owain Service, Angelise Karanja, Tina Baker, Michael Hayato Vela, Miriam Lahage, Susi Poli. Raafi Alidina, Marianne Moberg

Why now?

These issues affect everyone, but diverse employees are most severely impacted.

Events in the last year caused companies to encourage belongingness and to keep their employees resilient, engaged, and safe. Employee experience, engagement, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) have become primary areas of focus this year. Governing boards, shareholders, and customers are putting pressure on companies to provide metrics that demonstrate improvements in employee work-life

Companies are responding, with 96% of businesses having launched new policies, initiatives, and resources, including expanded People budgets. There are still significant challenges and without understanding the root cause and key measures of what is impacting employee work-life and resilience, companies cannot make changes that will result in reliable productivity gains.

Aequip Dashboard

The product applies behavioural science design principles with safety (physical and psychological), trust and inclusion in mind to empower managers to:

Measure the things that matter

Improve belonging and productivity

Promote staff inclusion in real time

The Leadership Team

Michael Hayato Vela​

Michael Hayato Vela​

CEO & Co-founder

Second-time founder, Stanford, UCL School of Management.

Miriam Lahage​

Miriam Lahage​

COO & Co-founder

30 years of leadership experience at TJX, eBay and Net-a-Porter. CEO network in US/UK.

Patryk Kubiak​

Patryk Kubiak​

CTO & Co-founder

Serial start-up CTO, including Beem, ​Mobile apps, Full-Stack Dev, SaaS.

Aequip’s Advisory Board

Tina Baker​ (Strategic Advisor)

30 year entrepreneur, legal and business advisor in the startup world.

Owain Service​ (Strategic Advisor)

Co-founder, ex-MD of the Behavioural Insights Team (‘Nudge Unit’).

Garry Turner​ (Strategic Advisor)

20 years int. sales, chartered MCIPD, 5 years cultural and people dev.

Our Partners

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