Our purpose

We believe everyone has value. Aequip exists to give everyone the same chance to truly thrive, starting in the workplace.

Our approach

Most companies aspire to have a great culture. But under the surface, unhelpful cultural norms often get in the way of workers feeling like they belong.


We focus on continuously capturing behaviours and dynamics that are often taboo, but highlight the cultural norms in each workplace. Invalidations, bullying, sexual harassment, and unprofessional behaviour can happen in most organisational settings.


These can have negative mental and physical consequences for employees, reduce overall profits for companies, and severely damage brand reputation. But companies have no reliable way to predict or prevent these risks.

Our platform systematically surfaces taboo topics through anonymous employee responses, highlights patterns, and helps organisations to focus efforts where they’ll make a real difference. 

Aequip bridges the gap between employees and employers by gathering the data needed for companies to effectively address key drivers of the way people experience workplace culture.

Why Aequip?

We believe that everyone has value, that everyone should feel included and that they belong. This belief led us to create a company founded in the principle of equality. Aequip comes from the Latin Aequipero, meaning to put on an equal level. It's our hope that Aequip can help to make that a reality.


Together we can create radically inclusive workplaces.

The team

Aequip was built by a diverse team with a range of backgrounds and experiences. We're business leaders, technologists, and experts in behavioural change and gender violence research. We are from retail, restaurants, academia, and the tech world. We're from Europe, Asia, and North America. We’re able to bring perspectives from all sides of the conversation to provide a solution. Our unique perspectives enable us to take a holistic approach to managing inclusive cultures and enhancing workplace wellbeing. 

Michael Hayato Vela (CEO, Co-founder)

Second time founder, Stanford, UCL School of Management, Zinc.vc.

Miriam Lahage (Co-founder)

30 year senior leader, TJX, eBay, Figleaves and Net-a-Porter.


X and Why, People's Mission Hall, 20-30 Whitechapel Rd., London E1 1EW

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