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You care about
your people.
So do we.

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Healthy work-life, productivity, and staff retention isn’t rocket science.
It’s data science.

All organisations know that their people are vital to their success.

But it’s difficult to know how to bring out the best in people, or to spot when they start to feel disconnected, especially in a time of great change.

Aequip measures the unseen factors that shape how people feel and perform. Our product captures the most important factors that determine healthy work-life, inclusion and productivity. 

Make meaning of the data you already have.

Clarity, insight and a plan of action, delivered within 30 days.

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At an inclusive workplace, people:

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.. feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves – measured by belongingness. 

… feel like they will be treated fairly, and trust that the organisation has their best interests at heart – this is measured by organisational trust.  

… feel like their identity will be respected and valued – this is measured in the diversity climate.

… feel like their individuality is valued and that they can be themselves and raise their voice – this is psychological safety.

…engage the motivation to commit to the organisation and its goals.

You care about your people. So do we.

We’re about People.  We concentrate on the factors that embrace each of our strengths and get the best of us at work. 

We focus on workplace relationships, whether people feel able to speak up and contribute, their trust in their organisation and manager, and whether they feel valued for who they are. 

Behavioural science shows these are the things that predict success at work. Employees in an inclusive environment are more motivated and more productive. They are less likely to leave. 

The inclusive organisation will experience lower levels of absenteeism and presenteeism, and employees experience a healthier work-life. Even during times of change.

Aequip Behavioural Science Engine
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Objectively measure productive workplace relationships

Aequip Inclusion Index

We bring the measures together into a single overarching index, the Aequip Score, to let organisations know at a glance how they’re doing.

Each of the indicators rests on a mountain of evidence, showing that they affect key outcomes like absenteeism, presenteeism, employee turnover, knowledge-sharing, productivity, mental health and wellbeing.

Having a disengaged team is expensive.
Using Aequip is not.

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