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Optimise employee performance using behavioural science.

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The pandemic has revealed society’s invisible workers – this firm is determined to give them a voice.” – Read More

Inclusivity, productivity, and staff retention isn’t rocket science. It’s data science.

Get a clear picture of your organisation’s wellbeing.

Understand the business impact of workforce resilience and mental health.

Pay rises and perks are short term solutions, quickly forgotten. Your workforce wants to be listened to and understood.

Make meaning of the data you already have.

Clarity, insight and a plan of action, delivered within 30 days.

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How can Aequip help?

Aequip Dashboard

Help your company in five key areas

Build Organisational Wellbeing.

Drive Productivity.

Unleash Innovation.

Measure What Matters.

Promote Inclusion and Belonging.

Drive small change every day with the Aequip platform. It all adds up.

Aequip’s Nudge Engine provides a series of evidence-backed prompts designed to increase the company’s performance in key areas.

Tailored to the needs of the business, and focused on the areas that can have the greatest impact. 

Empower your hidden talent and unleash innovation, one small change at a time.

Aequip Behavioural Science Engine
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Behavioural Analytics Engine

Aequip Inclusion Index

We look at existing data within your organisation through a behavioural science lens.

Aequip’s Dashboard presents key metrics, enabling you to understand what factors are most associated with your workforce’s wellbeing; and the extent to which your people are engaged around the mission of the business. 

Having a disengaged team is expensive.
Using Aequip is not.

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You can demo Aequip now– no sales calls, paperwork or complicated contracts required.

We’ve kept our pricing simple and low, to fit into your existing HR budget. Pay in monthly instalments. Use your company credit/debit card, or contact us to pay by Bank Transfer.

Our team is available to save you time and money so contact us.

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