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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re offering a simple and free tool to measure frontline worker wellbeing.

Frontline workers


Imagine a world where everyone can thrive at work.  

We bridge the gap between employees and employers to identify the cultural norms that will help everyone feel like they belong. 

Who are you?


Share the everyday experiences that you wish could be different.

Speaking up about your workplace environment can be tough and often awkward. It’s even harder when everyday experiences make you feel uncomfortable or isolated. 

Aequip provides safety through anonymity, and makes  the process as simple and reliable as possible. 

Create positive change with your participation.

You’re not alone. By combining your feedback with others from your workplace, Aequip generates powerful insights and offers data-driven recommendations to company leaders to implement real, lasting change. With just a few clicks you can share your experience in a way that makes a difference.


Discover what's really happening.

Employees tell us what they can’t tell you. We identify patterns of behaviour to proactively address and highlight positive behaviours that enhance your culture. We give you the tools and help you each step of the way.

Effect change

Get targeted guidance on how to improve workplace culture. Aequip’s recommendations are grounded in research, and tailored to your organisation's specific needs. Help your colleagues feel valued at work.

Monitor improvements in workplace wellbeing.

Culture is dynamic. Track the evolving norms that impact your employees the most. Access regular pulse checks to see how your efforts are making a difference.



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